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"[Plaster City] ties together different progressions into a surging punk aesthetic track with a biting emotional presence. The music video details the band performing the song in various spaces, showcasing the natural and raw space that the song thrives in." - New Noise Magazine

"With a beat that will get you up and out of your seat and lyrics that will have you sing along as well...The productions screams professionalism and so does the performance, this a band you all need to be ready for!" - Musicothefuture

“The vocals from Kelly Barber are full of passion and let loose on the lyrics that are defiant beyond belief...” - Sounds Good

”The newly formed quartet encapsulate a crashing sound, and really live up to their name with ebbs and flows like an ocean tide... With such a dynamic sound loaded into one song, it’s exciting to fathom Wave Break’s capabilities." - Millennial Noise



Based in Central New Jersey

Founded in April 2017

Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, Emo Rock

Members: Kelly Barber (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Derek Hona (Lead Guitar), Bailey Hand (Drums), Chris Santos (Bass)

FFO: Tonight Alive, Stand Atlantic, Jimmy Eat World, Grayscale, Taking Back Sunday


Wave Break is an alternative rock band based in Central New Jersey consisting of Kelly Barber (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) Derek Hona (lead guitar), Bailey Hand (Drums), and Chris Santos (Bass). Founded in 2017 by Barber while residing in Boston, the new lineup came to be after the release of their debut EP Armory in August 2018.

Since their inception, the band has opened for artists such as Oh, Weatherly (Hopeless Records) and Centerfolds (CI Records), been featured on the Undiscovered Sound, and featured in many press articles and Spotify playlists. Their second single "Plaster City," an anthem about standing up for yourself, released in February 2018 and was immediately added to regular rotation on idobi Radio and later to the Alternative Press Discover playlist on Spotify. The music video for the song premiered on New Noise Magazine and quickly garnered over 2K views. The band then supported their debut EP with a short run of headlining shows across the northeast.

The band’s lyrical content centralizes on the theme of standing up to societal or social barriers. Elements of post-hardcore, pop punk and emo rock come together for a unique sound on their debut, but the band plans to expand on that for their followup release. They currently are writing new material and aiming to release a new single in 2019.





25/8 PR // hope@258pr.com


Kelly Barber // kellylynnbarber@gmail.com